Why do you teach in Groups?

Multiple reasons…most of the time you play poorly it’s in a group so it’s the best way to create the environment you need to learn in.

Why are most sessions on the course?

You can’t learn how to PLAY golf on a driving range. I can teach you how to SWING a club on the driving range but you already know how to do that. Sure we may adjust some technique issues but we need to teach you how to swing the same way regardless of you being on the range or on the course. It’s time to teach you how to PLAY golf.

What if I don’t need what someone else in the group needs?

Each member of the group receives a purposeful practice program fit for the areas they need to improve. Some of the challenges, drills, and games may be the same but that would be because multiple people in the group need to improve in the same areas.

Do you address technique issues?

Yes but not during On-Course Sessions. During our time on the range and putting your weekly plan in place we will add technique drills for you to practice if they are needed.

How can you guarantee results?

This is a partnership, we work towards the same goal. You want to get better, I provide a plan, you are committed to being accountable to execute the improvement plan. If it takes longer than 6 sessions for you to reach the agreed goal I continue to coach you until you reach it.