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No more standing on the range trying to figure out how to play. Time to get on the course, increase your confidence, beat your friends and play the best golf of your life!


Individual range lessons don’t guarantee results. Yes it’s good information but the Range doesn’t play the same way as the course! Some people need swing changes and range lessons are good for that. Most people need to learn how to PLAY golf, and the course is the BEST for that.

The Solution

A game assessment, realistic goals, clear concepts & routines, purposeful training sessions personalized based on how you ACTUALLY play. Along with real on course coaching you will be better, GUARANTEED.


Have you ever…

  • Played a second shot that was way better than the first?
  • Played 9 holes REALLY BAD, gave up, then played 9 more WAY BETTER?
  • Tried extremely hard to make a short birdie or par putt and missed it, then made it when it didn’t matter?
  • Struggled get the ball on the green or close to the hole with the first chip?
  • Taken way more shots to get out of a bunker than you want to admit?
  • Said no to playing with someone because you didn’t want them to see how bad you play?

If you answered yes to any of these I can help you play better, Guaranteed!

guaranteed or…

i teach you for free

If you answered yes to the questions above, you don’t have a technique problem but if you do we will address that also. What individual range lessons are missing is an accountability from the instructor for your results. We take a COMMITMENT FROM YOU, and ACCOUNTABILITY FOR RESULTS from me and we both WIN! If we miss your goal, I continue to teach you for free for as long as it takes for you to succeed.


Results you can expect

  • Less stress, more FUN
  • More confidence
  • Better Course Management & Strategy
  • How to eliminate 3 putts
  • Closer proximity with your chip shots
  • Better control over wedge yardages


What People Say

Thank you so much! Very valuable feedback. You make things understandable and I appreciate it!! 

Kellie Bork

Thank you for the information. I am actually excited for golf this year.

Tim Bixenmann

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